How to Find a Good Book

We’ve all been there, you pick up a book that you think is going to be amazing and it turns out to be boring and uninteresting.7avjGyOY So, how do people do it? How does everyone seem to find the best books all the time?

There are a couple ways to find out if a book is good before you read it. You could always look up spoiler free reviews. These can be helpful because they let you get a feel for what the book is about without revealing any of the major plot points. Hails Hearts NYC does a lot of spoiler free reviews on her YouTube channel.

On a nook you can also get the first couple chapters of most books for free. This is another great way to see if you enjoy the book without investing any money. I’m also fairly sure that Kindles have a similar system where you can get the first couple chapters of books for free. 

Along the lines of being free there are also a plethora of audio books on YouTube. If you searchunnamed the title followed by audio book you can usually find it. You could listen to the whole book, or just the beginning to see if it peaks your interest. Personally I find that the pace of most audio books is too slow for how I normally read, so I end up using them to see if I will find the book interesting before I purchase it.

Find a YouTuber that has the same taste in books you do. I get the majority of recommendations from WhittyNovels. I watch her hauls, and keep track of the books that sound interesting. 

There are also websites like Goodreads,goodreads-logo-1024x576-7abf5bd8d98b9d10 where you rate the books you have read and they recommend books based on the ones you’ve enjoyed. This is a great way to keep track of what books you are reading, the ones you have read, and the ones you want to read. You can also set goals for the number of books you want to read in a year. I have found it really fun to look through the recommendations and find new books!

There are great books out there! You just have to know where to look.




Tackling a Big Book

I have always looked at a large book like a challenge. I was that kid that wanted to be reading the largest book. I wanted to be able to say, “Look at all of these huge books I got through!” Here are some tricks I picked up to help you get through a large book.

Currently I am at college, where I have about 40 books with me,IMG_20160708_170203731 the shortest being around 200 pages. Right now I am reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (an amazing book). It has exactly 550 pages, which works out perfectly because,

1. Break the book up into chunks

I can read around 50 pages a day when I’m at school and trying to do other things along with get through a book. So, every day I try to add another 50 pages. This also helps me feel accomplished. Instead of thinking, “Oh gosh, I have 325 pages to go!” I can think, “Just 25 more pages for today!” Pick a number that works for you. It could be as little as 5 pages a day! This brings us to my second tip,

2. Read every day

When faced with a large book the best thing you can do is try to tackle it every day. Some people find it helpful to set aside a time to read every day. Some days I don’t feel like reading, but I force myself to read at least one page.IMG_20160708_165342 That was I know that I am one page farther than I was the previous day. This helps to keep that feeling of hopelessness at bay. If you do feel like you are drowning in the number of pages you could always,

3. Try reading the book electronically

I have a nook, and I find it helpful to read some larger books on there, rather than deal with a physical copy. That way I don’t see the huge block of pages that I have to go through. I also find that I read faster when I am reading on the nook, so I read on there when I am under a time crunch to finish a book. Reading on the nook also makes it easier to read in bed or while traveling. You don’t have to worry about the book getting bent or taking up a lot of space. However, I do prefer to hold the physical copy of the book. This may be why I have 40 books with me at college…

What if I get bored of a book? 

This happens to me quite often. What I do now is simple, I just

4. Take a break

Reading the same story for a while can get boring. If I find myself not wanting to pick up the bookIMG_20160708_165905214 I take a quick break from it. I read a part of a book I know I will love. Just a chapter or two, and then go back to the longer book. Currently I am reading a couple chapters in the fourth Harry Potter book (my favorite)
every time I get bored of my main book. I suggest picking a book that you have already read, and enjoyed. If you don’t want to go back to the book,

5. Don’t force yourself to finish

If you are reading a large book for enjoyment, there is no shame in not finishing the book. I have started several large books that bored me for one reason or another, and I just stopped reading them. Don’t drag yourself through a book you aren’t enjoying. Simply close the book knowing there is always another one to be opened.

I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any others please leave them in the comments!