Goals With Chronic Illness

I have found that when thinking about my health and getting healthier, I have to have something to work towards. So, earlier this year I set the goal for myself of completing a thru hike of the Application Trail.

With a chronic illness called POTS, it can be hard to even get up and walk to the bathroom, how can I even dream of doing something like this trail?

Lets take a look at the monster I dream of tackling.

The trail is a total of 2,200 miles and stretches from Georgia to Maine. It takes, on average, six months to complete. During the thru hike, I will encounter mountains, river crossings, and inclement weather among other challenges. I will be attempting a North Bound or NoBo, going from Georgia to Maine.

Why would I want to try something so challenging?

Many people have asked me that question, and it is a logical one. The answer has many parts. First off, I have never been one to take it easy. I have always set hard goals for myself, knowing full well that I might never accomplish them. This is just another star on the horizon that I am shooting for. The other half of the reason is that earlier this year my dad passed away. He was always interested in doing a thru hike, and together he and I completed part of the Long Train in Vermont. This would be a hike that I would have loved to do with him, but because he is no longer able to have that opportunity, I feel as though I need to do this in his memory. I need to at least try.

Knowing that each day when I wake up on the trail that it is up to me and me alone to get from this place to the next is exciting to me. As of now I am working every day to make sure I am healthy enough to complete the trail whenever I want to.

This is the first health goal that I have set for myself that actually excites me. I am excited to get up and work out every day. I am excited to gain the necessary weight. I am excited to get stronger.

The reality is that I may never get there, but it won’t be for lack of trying.




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