Working Out With POTS

At the start of the summer I started going to the gym with my boyfriend. I have always been an athlete. I grew up playing competitive soccer and tennis, so I am not new to working out. The feeling of being weak is new though, and I hate it. I hate not being able to do more than 10 push ups and I enjoy feeling strong.

That’s why it frustrated me when the doctors said that working out, for me, would have to be slow, not a lot of weight, and lying on the ground for as many exercises as I could do. I wanted to get my strength back, and I thought I couldn’t do it the way they suggested.

So, when I started going to the gym again I did what everyone told me I couldn’t do, lifted weights. I made it work by doing more exercises that required me to sit. When an exercise called for me to be standing I would sit in between reps. Doing this I can do up to an hour four times a day.

On the days that I don’t feel well enough to go, I simply don’t. Thanks to doing this over the whole summer and keeping up with it I have seen my strength return. I have a stronger core, and am able to sit up for longer when I don’t feel well.

I’m not trying to say not to take your doctors advise, in this situation I put off returning to exercising because I knew if I did what the doctors wanted I would still feel as though I’m failing. I had to do exercise my way.

Every day that I work out I feel like I accomplished something, even if i have to deal with a little headache afterwords.

Take that POTS.




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