Tough Days 8/27/2016

The last couple of days have been hard. I wasn’t able to work out on Thursday due to fatigue and joint pain. When I did work out on Friday I wasn’t able to lift as much weights as I would like, and I wasn’t able do it for as long as I normally do. All due to stomach cramps and chest pain. It’s always something. But, at least I was able to go!

I was able to go to all of my classes this week as well, and haven’t missed a homework assignment. My bullet journal has really helped keep my on top of what I have to do. I write the assignments for each class in a different color. That way it is more colorful, and I have less writing to do.

I have had stomach pain for the past few days, but I just try to make sure that I eat at least something for every meal. Today I have had a pain in my left calf. I have tried stretching and massaging, but it just keeps coming back. It’s just POTS way of letting you know that its there.

Took it pretty slow today. Just reading and playing video games with friends. Tomorrow I will try to make a dent in the home work I have for the upcoming week. I always try to be at least an assignment ahead in all of my classes, just in case I get sick and have to take a day off I won’t fall too far behind.

Today wasn’t so fun with being stuck inside on a nice day, but at least I made a dent in my book, and got to spend time with friends! Trying to keep positive!




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