How to Find a Good Book

We’ve all been there, you pick up a book that you think is going to be amazing and it turns out to be boring and uninteresting.7avjGyOY So, how do people do it? How does everyone seem to find the best books all the time?

There are a couple ways to find out if a book is good before you read it. You could always look up spoiler free reviews. These can be helpful because they let you get a feel for what the book is about without revealing any of the major plot points. Hails Hearts NYC does a lot of spoiler free reviews on her YouTube channel.

On a nook you can also get the first couple chapters of most books for free. This is another great way to see if you enjoy the book without investing any money. I’m also fairly sure that Kindles have a similar system where you can get the first couple chapters of books for free. 

Along the lines of being free there are also a plethora of audio books on YouTube. If you searchunnamed the title followed by audio book you can usually find it. You could listen to the whole book, or just the beginning to see if it peaks your interest. Personally I find that the pace of most audio books is too slow for how I normally read, so I end up using them to see if I will find the book interesting before I purchase it.

Find a YouTuber that has the same taste in books you do. I get the majority of recommendations from WhittyNovels. I watch her hauls, and keep track of the books that sound interesting. 

There are also websites like Goodreads,goodreads-logo-1024x576-7abf5bd8d98b9d10 where you rate the books you have read and they recommend books based on the ones you’ve enjoyed. This is a great way to keep track of what books you are reading, the ones you have read, and the ones you want to read. You can also set goals for the number of books you want to read in a year. I have found it really fun to look through the recommendations and find new books!

There are great books out there! You just have to know where to look.




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