More Than This by Patrick Ness



You see a boy drown. You see him wrapped in death. You see him wake up. This is the story of what he discovers.


I read this book in under a week and adored it! I could not put it down! I fell in love with all the characters, Tomasz most of all. I loved how witty he is, and how honest he is about the way he died.tumblr_n9udyxcQKt1rqquu7o1_500 I also liked that Seth being gay was portrayed in such a realistic, and honest way. It wasn’t glamorized, or made out to be something alien.

The writing itself was simple and easy to follow. It made reading it quickly very easy. I liked how you found out information as Seth did, it made the world seem more interesting and I did not expect it to turn out how it did. The opening scene is when we see Seth die, and it has to be the best death scene I have ever read. I can still close my eyes and picture Seth’s body being pummeled by the ocean.be122703aed42bfa574c416db5db7721 If you are on the fence about reading this book I suggest that you read the first couple of pages, you will be hooked.

The ending was frustrating though. The reader doesn’t get to see what becomes of Seth once he is shut back into his coffin. Personally, I believe that he was put back online and either died there, or never found his way back out.

I loved this book and plan on reading it again. I wouldn’t hesitate to read something else by Patrick Ness.

5 out of 5 stars!

Let me know how you thought it ended!



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