The Darkest Part of the Forest – Holly Black




The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black takes place in a small town surrounded by forests where magical creatures, like elves, live. There is a glass casket at the edge of the town where a boy with pointed ears sleeps. He hasn’t woken up in many, many years. One day he is found to be missing, and the story unwraps from there.

It follows siblings Ben and Hazel and their involvement in the mysterious boy’s waking.


Before I even picked up this book I knew there was what was described as a “huge twist” in the middle, so as I was reading it I was looking for the twist, and never really found one.

That being said I loved this book! I loved the way that love was portrayed throughout the story. The writing was simple and easy to follow, and the story was a page turner. The book also contained an epilogue that tied up all of the story lines, while leaving most of it up to the readers imagination. severin I loved how you could never quite get a read on what Severin was thinking, and how Hazel was motivated more out of her love for her brother, and romantic love. The writing threads in aspects of embarrassment, making the story seem more relatable. Both Ben and Hazel spilled their guts to the sleeping boy, never thinking that he could hear them, or wake. They both came to love him, in their own ways. It is like pining over a fictional character, and suddenly they are sitting across the room from you, and they have heard everything you have ever said to them. Embarrassing. It was interesting, and a light read, would highly recommend.

4.5 out of 5 stars. Easily.

I would definitely read something else by Holly Black.




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