I currently have 5 journals going. To most that may seem like a lot, but each one I use for something different.

The first one (purple) I started my sophomore year of high school. I use it to put down all of my thoughts when I am sad. When I get down I feel it helpful to just rant on paper. This journal is full of rants, poems, and drawings, all done when I am sad, or upset.

The second (blue) journal I started my junior year of high school. I use it for daily journaling. Happy thoughts, things I did that day, my thoughts on the world around me at the time. I like trying to write every day, so that I can look back and see how my views have changed, or how I accomplished something I was once scared to do.

The third journal I started my senior year of high school. I copy down song lyrics I like, poems I want to remember, books I have finished and the date at which I finished them.


I try to keep this one neat. It is the only journal that I am using where every entry is not dated. I do this because what it written is the important part, not what date they are written. I find that one way to move people is with words, so I try to put beautiful works of writing in this beautiful journal.

The last two I started my sophomore year of college.

The black one is just a plane sketchbook, and I use it as a bullet journal. If you want to know more about bullet joarnaling click HERE. I use it as another calendar along with the one I carry from class to class.

The one with the red binding I use as sort of a “catch all.” I put down random story ideas that come into my head, but aren’t fully formed. I write down blog past ideas that I want to write, but aren’t at my computer. I have just gotten in the habit of carrying this journal with me every where I can. I find it comforting to have something to write down the ideas that pop into my head.

A journal that I want to add to this would be something small that I can carry easily. I would use this just to scribble in. I find that sometimes sitting in class can give me anxiety, and it would help to have something to scribble in, simple to get the anxiety out in a place that wouldn’t wreak my notes.

Each journal is a record of that I have been through, and what I have done. To me that is the most powerful part.




4 thoughts on “Journaling

    1. I find it extremely helpful to separate the good days from the bad. That way I can look back on a week, or year, and see the good things that happened, without being brought down by the bad.

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