A Day With POTS

For more information on what POTS is click HERE!

Everyone’s experience with this syndrome is different, and what works for me may not work for someone else with POTS even if they have the same or similar symptoms.

That being said, this is what an average day looks like for me:

Wake up and take my medication (water and meds are ALWAYS right next to my bed)

Sleep for the half hour it takes the medication to kick in

Wake up, get dressed (if I have a lab, or know it is going to be a long day of standing I wear compression socks, which means long pants. Yes, even in summer)

Eat breakfast (usually a Boost, a high calorie drink that my body can digest easily)

Brush teeth (I stand on my toes while I do this so that there is enough blood to my arm)

Fill up water bottle (I take one with me everywhere and am constantly drinking)

Go to classes (I leave early so I have time to sit on the way there and rest if I have to climb more than one flight of stairs)

Lunch (something light and easily digestible, no bread)

Go to work (I work at the writing center on campus, flexible hours, and NO STANDING REQUIRED!)

Go to the gym (I only do this on the days that I have energy, and am only there for a half hour or so)

Take a nap

Do homework (usually in bed or some place where I can keep my legs up)


Bed early (usually 10PM or so)


Through all of this I have to take my medication every 4 hours, I am constantly eating small amounts of easily digestible food, and drinking either water or Gatorade. It seems like a normal day, but on some days standing is a struggle. If I get to class early I will sit on the floor, even if no one else is sitting.

My biggest piece of advice is: do not be embarrassed to do what helps you. If you need to take a seat on a crowded bus, do it. You don’t have to prove that you need the seat. There is no shame in doing that helps you get through the day.

Everything I do I have to think about how to do it with POTS. I am not giving into my illness, like some people think, I am learning to live with something I can’t change.

POTS doesn’t change you, just the way you do things.




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